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Credit Reports

Credit report options:
RL Faulkner Professional Drug Testing Service Voice: (865) 660-7278 Fax: (865) 471-0729 Offers credit reports through TransUnion along with Nationwide Background checks. He is eager to work with our members and can provide the public records information so many of you depend on. In addition, he will provide monthly invoices similar to the method you are used to from Good Landlords. Please contact him for details and pricing.

Experian Connect: https://connect.experian.com/account/home.html Is a new web-based credit reporting program designed with landlords in mind. You’ll need to setup a user account at the above web-site, but there is no cost to landlords for this service. Simply list your applicant’s name and email address. Experian with contact them via email for authorization to release you the report and they charge the applicant a $15 fee. Simple, the only flaw to this method is that your applicant must have an email account and a credit card.

Discounts from Local Vendors and Associate Members

Many area retailers and service providers have already expressed an interest in providing special offers and discounts to the members of Good Landlords. The enthusiasm observed by these local merchants provides a brief example of the power of working together. As a group, not only can we maintain better information about our tenants, we can also achieve greater attention from local merchants and lawmakers.

Vendor / Service Referral Listing

Good Landlords understands that many landlords with multiple units maintain a staff of maintenance men, painters, plumbers, electricians, and cleaners ready to do what ever it takes to keep each unit rented. However, there is always a need to bring in specialty service people from time to time. We’ve all had experiences when dealing with workers that we’re not familiar with where the work did not meet our expectations. Good Landlords maintains a list of local vendors and service providers that have worked with other landlords in the area. Landlords grade the service from the local vendors and share their experience with other member landlords.

Unit Listings on the Internet at Goodlandlords.com

A new and exciting service for members is the development of the Goodlandlords.com web site property listings. Goodlandlords.com provides its members with Internet exposure for each of their available or soon to be available properties.  A prospective tenant can visit a member’s property listings, check for availability's, review rent and deposit requirements, and download an application form. If a member has access to the Internet, they can enter their password and edit their site for recent changes in their inventory.

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