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Annual Dues and Service Price Listing

We hope that all landlords and property managers will support this effort and get involved in Good Landlords. By working together, we can achieve great things for our industry and improve the quality of tenants in all our properties.

Our primary objective in forming a reasonable price structure for information acquired through Good Landlords is to make the cost of services affordable for every landlord and property manager. For complete information of the following optional Services, please see

Service List.

As a Landlord or Property Manager, you may pick and choose from the following Optional Services. For example, Members of Good Landlords may request credit information about potential tenants by completing a Tenant Report Request Form and faxing or emailing it to the Good Landlords office. The fee charged for each request will be paid by Good Landlords. Members are then invoiced each month by Good Landlords for the services and reports they received during the previous month.

Weather you charge the prospective tenant an application fee to cover the cost or you pay it out of your pocket, the following Optional Services from Good Landlords is available to all active Members.

Annual Dues: $65.00 Plus $1.50 per unit (first year only)





Service's Cost:

Credit Reports $7.50 (price may vary for Florida and New York reports)

Tenant Database Reports $2.50

Court House Public Record Information $2.50 (Not currently available in all markets)

Judgement Records Included with Public Record Report

Local Arrest Records Included with Public Record Report

Detainer Warrant Information Included with Public Record Report

Most members request a Package Report whice includes all of the above reports at a total cost of $10 per applicant

Extensive internet listings of rental properties

Attend informative Landlord Meetings Included with membership

Contact Good Landlords


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