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Can you assist me with finding a good tenant?

The first step to finding good tenants is by avoiding the bad ones. The information resources offered by Good Landlords helps you identify renters that may be a risk to your profit and your property.

How do I get reports on prospective tenants?

Most of our members request a package report which includes a credit report with a beacon score, public records information, and rental history from our data base. Fax your Report Request along with a copy of the rental application to Good Landlords, Inc. (865) 984-7027). Be sure to include a return fax number. The results is compiled and faxed back to you, usually the same day.

Can you help me with evictions?

Evictions are always a last resort for most landlords and property managers. However, sometimes they are unavoidable. When a tenant does not comply with the lease agreement, the eviction process is an option of the landlord. Most members of Good Landlords are comfortable and at ease with the procedure and conduct their own evictions. If you’re faced with an eviction, simply email us at info@goodlandlords.com and explain your situation.

Will you provide form letters, and leases?

Like many businesses, the key to a lucrative operation is having the right forms or agreements. As a member of Good Landlords you’ll have complete access to eviction notices, late payment letters, rent increase notices, effective leases, and many other forms designed to assist you in building a successful business.


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