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In the early spring of 2004, a small group of landlords met at the Blount County library in Maryville, Tennessee to discuss a recent string of evictions. Spearheading the group was Gary Heath and Bill Lyons, both seasoned landlords with numerous rental properties.


“When I noticed Bill had a Detainer Warrant issued on the same woman I evicted a few months ago for non-payment of rent, I realized something needed to be done,” Gary Heath stated at the meeting. “We need to be better informed.”


Since that early meeting in March, Good Landlords has expanded into a full service group of landlords and property managers sharing ideas and information. They quickly developed a data base with detailed history on thousands of renters and arranged for their members to tap into a stream of information on prospective tenants.


“Forming an organized landlord group was the best thing we’ve ever done for the rental business,” Bill Lyons stated at a packed meeting one year later. “I’ve seen a major turn-a-round in the type of tenants I'm getting now.”


The concept of landlords and property managers working together to be better informed has improved the industry for both good tenants and property owners, and Good Landlords is leading the way. We invite you to get involved by completing a Membership Application and submitting it to Good Landlords today. It is so much better than working alone!

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